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Your Trusted Tile Roofing Experts in Kansas City

Founded in 2007 by Nate Miller, Kansas City Roofscapes has filled a crucial void in the roofing industry: true masters of tile roofing. We find our roots in supporting the real estate industry with our integrity, expertise, and prompt service. Our passion drove us deep into learning every nuance of tile roofing, making us the best in our trade within hundreds of miles. We owe our expertise not just to education, but also to considerable hands-on experience in repairing tile roofs. Over the years we’ve grown to a high-caliber team of craftsman, committed to delivering lasting solutions with high-quality materials and methods. Our ethos? Excellence over convention, and integrity over short cuts.

Meet the Team

Dedicated to Excellence

Nate Miller headshot

Nate Miller


Skyler Wassmer headshot

Skyler Wassmer

Project Manager

Dane Shea headshot

Dane Shea

Project Manager

Romel Urbina headshot

Romel Urbina

Service manager

Victor O'Guin headshot

Victor O'guin

Tile Re-Roof Foreman

Noel Cano headshot

Noel Cano

Asphalt Re-Roof Foreman

Jimmy Urbina headshot

Jimmy Urbina

Tile Repair Crew Foreman

Jose Quevedo headshot

Jose Quevedo

Tile Repair Crew Foreman

Alex Negrete headshot

Alex Negrete

Commercial Low-Slope Roofing Foreman